About Us

I have always enjoyed giving unusual or 'different' gifts to friends and family, for all types of occasions, but in the past I have found it difficult to find exactly what I wanted. So I decided I needed to have my own gift shop, and when the conservatory next to Sharman's Garden Centre became available I jumped at the chance, and as my favourite film is "It's a Wonderful Life", which has such a feel good factor, I decided to call the shop 'It's Wonderful'.

I've been to a number of shows in the last few months and found many wonderful and unusual gift products, mostly from small independent companies, including some I've never seen before. So I came up with the idea of selling "wonderfull things", hence the name of the shop!

So come and have a look around - we have many ideas for that perfect gift, from mugs to wall clocks, unusual cards to cinema seats! I'm sure you will love what you see, and buy something "wonderful" for your friends and family, or even for yourself!